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    I got the bundle of all 3 products and they are amazing! My hair now feels better than ever - cleaner, more volume and smells amazing.

    Sydney, NSW

    I'm so glad I found STIM. I have been using it for the past 2 months and my hair feels thicker and healthier. So many compliments. Can really tell the quality difference between other brands. LOVE The smell of the Bergamot Coconut.

    Sydney, NSW

    Absolute essential. I’ve been using the STiM products for a few months now & they’ve become a part of my daily routine. I cant recommend using these products enough, 10/10read more about review content I’ve been using the STiM products.

    Melbourne, VIC

    I love these products! The first thing I noticed was the shampoo doesn’t strip your hair, it’s gentle yet has great oil control (I’m getting an extra day between washing) and it smells amazing. Will definitely be back for more😊

    Sunshine Coast, QLD

    Have been using Stim for 2 months now and am already seeing results! Little hairs are growing where there were never any before. Ahhh I am SO happy!!! Have used other products like Nioxin before and didn't see results this fast also looooove how soft this leaves my hair feeling. 10/10 would recommend.

    Sydney, NSW

    Best product for Psoriasis and hair thickening
    For quite some time I have had issues with scalp psoriasis and products have caused my scalp to flare up and cause rashes. Not Stim!! My hair not only feels thicker now but my scalp issues have reduced substantially. Fantastic product!

    Brisbane, Australia